Friday, May 25, 2018

Historic site signs of the Walla Walla 2020 project. Photos by Joe Drazan.

Village of Halfway sign located by Fire Station #1

Baker School sign located on Sumach Street behind Safeway

Chinatown sign located on Rose Street at 4th 

Community Garden site at Rees & Sumach

Mill Creek Flume Railroad, Pacific Coast Elevator, Walla Walla Creamery, Walnut Grove Addition

Walla Walla County Poor Farm in College Place

Poor Farm Cemetery

William Davies and the WW Jesus sign located on Mormon Grade

Edgewater Dance Pavilion sign in Heritage Park

Germantown sign by Garrison School

Russian corner in Germantown

McCool Cemetery sign on Village Way

Treaty Council of 1855 sign behind the Carnegie Building

Stubblefield Home sign on Fern Avenue near Tietan

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Harrison H. and Mary Duncan Hungate, their home at 202 N. Second Avenue, and the building he built on Main Street in 1905.

Hungate house at 202 N. 2nd Ave.

Hungates with relatives and friends (including Ward Gardner). House address 429 E. Sumach.