Saturday, October 22, 2016

Metsker's Atlas of Walla Walla County, 1931. Selected pages.

College Place
Mojonnier, Zigman, State Line

Langdon, Stubblefield

Attalia, Wallula


Friday, October 21, 2016

Cabinet photos by local studios of Lasater family members and relatives courtesy of Mary and David Dunkelburg.

Emily Birkett
Emily Edgerley
Esther & Leah Goode

Harry Lasater

Harry Lasater
Harry Lasater, age 3
James H Lasater

James H Lasater

James H Lasater
James H Lasater

Jessie Lasater
Mary Lasater

Thelma Lasater
Thelma Lasater

Wythel Mary Lasater

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Miscellany courtesy of Mary and David Dunkelburg

Braden School students & teacher Zella Richardson, 1962-1963
Berney School

Cook wagon & crew, location unknown

Harold Blackman, WWI bugler

Harry Lasater by his Union Bank with a Lions Club sign, 1930s

Harry Lasater standing next to his car

Harry Lasater (left) & Union Bank staff

John Webb house, ca1910

Lasater house, 3629 Braden Road, 1930s

Lincoln school class (probably)

Lyons Ferry & Joso Bridge

Sharpstein School class, ca1930

Sharpstein School 2nd grade, 1900

Tierney-Toner Chevrolet dealer, 2nd & Poplar, 1920s

Square dancing club members in the 1950s. Photos courtesy of Judith Duff Pippin,