Monday, May 3, 2010

Farm, ranch, and orchard, ca1910. Thanks to Lois Smutzler for sharing these photos.

Tallman's Dairy

Philip Ritz's orchard

Tom Lyons ranch

Plowing on the Drumheller ranch

Harvest on George Dague ranch

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kooskooskie Park, ca1923. Photos taken by Philip Hoffman, images courtesy of Ron Jackson and Jane Hinton. Names provided by Greg Hoffman.

Curtis Hoffman and Shirley Retzer in wagon.   Standing from left to right: Evelyn Gregory Hoffmann (1897-1965) holding Allen Hoffman (1921-2011).  Then George Retzer, Theresa Kirchner Hoffmann (1862-1940) and her daughter, Anna Hoffmann Retzer (1886-1988).
George Retzer (1885-1963) and daughter Shirley (1921-2003)
McCracken's Ice Cream, July 1926