Monday, July 31, 2017

Great Walla Walla Valley, 1914. Part 2 of 4.

John Sawyer, Dale Dennis, Third National Bank

Fair Store in Milton, Oregon

Bean, Elam, and McCoy

Sanderson and Pesciallo

Simard, Klahr, Coon, and Collins

Prescott; McSherry, McGrew, and Fleischer

Farmers' Barn; Geyer, Smith, and Fender

Columbia College in Milton, Oregon

Falkenberg, Cookerly, and Vinson

Childers, Philippi, and Bartholomew

Gentry, Hopson, Schneller, and Clements

Nagel, Fazzari, Cauvel, and Barr

Baker-Boyer Bank; Shelton, Perri, and Wicks

Vegetable and fruit paradise

Artesian well in Freewater, Oregon; Hodgen house and farm

Prospect Point School; State Line Grocery; Eiffert and Schmidt

Coyle Brothers Valley Dairy

Beckley Bros Ranch and pump house, Freewater, Oregon

Newman Grocery; Stewart, Loos, and William Records

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great Walla Walla Valley, 1914. Part 1 of 4. Click on images to enlarge.


John Brown and W J Curts

A W Simmons,  George Tillotson, L L Kennedy, and Dr C W Thomas

N H Melton, Prof Bacon, and Milton Nursery

E J Davis, H R Van Slyke, George Hansell, Charles Coyle and William Lloyd

Milton, Oregon

Houses of F M Kent and Tassy Stewart

Smith Hothouse; Rogers and Graham Paint store; A Fuller

Farmers Security Bank in Milton; House of Hugh Murray

MacMartin and Hill funeral parlor