Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Miscellaneous photos from the Gardena, Touchet, and Wallula areas from the albums of Kathleen Henderson.

Cliff Stones & kids at their Gardena farm. E G Cummings in suit

Cliff Stone family

Cummings & Stones in car

Dimon Bertram Stone

D B Stone & sister Addy

Dimon Bertram Stone

Doris Kimble & Cliff Stone, Jr.

Franciel Cummings & Cliff Stone family in car, 1916

Hattie Stone (age 2) on pony

Pheasant hunters in Gardena; Marc, Ralph & Allen Stone

Mertie Stone at the E G Cummings photo studio in Wallula

Pearl & Cliff Stone; picnic in Gardena

Pat O'Brien & Mary Unser Hanna on Hughes farm equipment

Pat Hughes (5th from left) & crew by combine, 1927

Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien

Unser family

Eugenia O'Brien

Pat Hughes wheat harvest combine, 1927

Pat and Kathy O'Brien

Everett G. Cummings house in Wallula

Sylvia and Everett George Cummings

 Everett G Cummings and daughter Ruby