Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween parties at the Seguin School, the Telephone Building, and the VFW.

Bobbing for apples at the Seguin School, October 1961. U-B photo.

Seguin School for special needs children was attached to Jefferson School

Telephone operators party courtesy of retired operator Doris Cook. (date unknown)

VFW party, 1948

Wendell Shigley was a local commercial photographer

Monday, October 30, 2017

LaSalle Catholic School. Images contributed by Jean Dacres, Joan Knowles, and Nadine and Francis Christiano.

LaSalle School on corner next to St Patrick's Church

St Patrick's Church and LaSalle School

George Dacres on left

LaSalle graduates, George Dacres seated 2nd from right, 1909


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Men of 1918, part 2. Portraits from Lyman's History of Old Walla Walla County, volume 2, 1918.

Eugene Bourgeois
F M Weatherford

Frank S Dement

Frank W Paine
Frederick Stine

Freeman Romaine

George Thompson Pollard

H F Clodius
Harlan Eldridge

Harvey McDonald

Henrik Petersen
Henry Johnson

Henry Kausche
Henry Watrous

J M Crawford
J W Harbert
J C Melger

James B Warren

James Bowles
James Dumas

James Edmiston

James Lamb
James Seitz

James Watson

James Woodend
Jerome Keiser

Joe Martin

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Little Theater production of "Bells are Ringing"; scenes from a rehearsal in March 1964. File photos courtesy of the Union-Bulletin.

Ellree Eagleson and Betty Moose

Richard Eubanks on the floor

Mary Ellen Stevens and Bob Loiacono