Thursday, October 5, 2017

Aviator Claude Berlin from Centralia, WA was in the 4th of July parade here just two months after his crash in Centralia. Photos from Up-to-the-Times magazine, 1912.


--from the Lewis County Chronicle, May 16, 2012.  (100 years ago feature)    

Aviator Berlin Survives Fall in 1912
During this week in 1912, Centralia’s only aviator survived an accident when his plane fell to the ground.
“While making a trial flight in his new aeroplane at the fair grounds yesterday morning, the engine of the machine failed, and Claude Berlin fell to the ground, a distance of 40 feet,” The Centralia Daily Chronicle wrote. “The aeroplane was badly damaged, but the aviator fortunately escaped with only a few scratches. Immediately after the accident, new parts to replace the damaged ones were wired for to New York and as soon as they arrive the machine will be repaired. This will be in about a week. Mr. Berlin stated this morning that his accident yesterday would in no way affect the flights arranged for the Hub City Festival.
“Just before the accident yesterday, Mr. Berlin had made a spectacular ascension, rising to a height of about 400 feet. The machine was in perfect working order at that time. The flight and accident were witnessed by about 50 specially invited spectators.”