Friday, April 21, 2017

Shelton's Cafe opened in 1934 at 17 East Alder, and was closed and razed in 1960.

Raymer & Shelton, April 1934
James Raymer was a grocer; Raymond Shelton was a clerk at Shep's


Ted Porter and Bill Schiffman worked it in this 1949 ad.
Wayne Dickey and Conrad Heimbigner operated it in this 1953 ad

Conrad Heimbigner and the Café staff, 1957

Conrad Heimbigner last owner and operator, December 1959

Waitresses, Dec 1959
Café is to the left of the Grand Hotel door on Alder Street in this Fair parade photo. Wagon Wheelers on horses.

Shelton's gone. Grand Hotel was razed in 1962

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Downtown businesses and their advertising cards of the 1880s. Images courtesy of the Kirkman House Museum.

White House, Goodstein Brothers

Barrett shoes

Dolan shoes

Dusenbery Brothers shoes & clothing store

George Ludwigs watches, clocks, jewelry

Thomas Eastman store

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Giant Company pea cannery in Waitsburg, summer work 1960-1963. Photos courtesy of Mary Lieberman Phillips.

Vic Hawkins (seated)

Bozeman Cannery construction in Waitsburg, 1942

Bozeman Cannery was later acquired by Green Giant

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Well drilling companies and some sites

Drilling the City's 6th well at Tausick Way & Garrison Creek, U-B photo June 4 1961

Drilling well on new Science Building site at Whitman College. Bratton House (the Green Cottage) in background. U-B photo, Jan 1962

Durand, 1949

Albert Durand & son Paul get new Ford truck from Teague's, March 1941

McCausland well drillers, 1900


Harry & Ray Harding, 1948

Drilling the City's 4th well on Wilbur Street. U-B photo, July 1953

Yager & Wickizer  1949

Pat Jungmann  1972