Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weston, Athena, and Adams in Umatilla County, Oregon as seen in the pages of Up-to- the-Times Magazine.

Adams School, 1921

Police Chief Jacob Kauffman of Walla Walla on water wagon, 1910

Franklin cars at Athena, 1909

OR&N demonstration train at Athena, 1910

Sam Pambrun farm, Athena, 1925
Nelson Jones, 1922

Colonel Lucas, 1915

Brick yards at Weston, 1915

Fiddlers of Weston area, 1915

Ladies band of Weston, 1911

Pioneer picnic at Weston, 1909

Pioneer reunion at Weston, 1912

OWR&N railway horse shoe bend near Weston, 1917

Gail Miller Williams, 1918

Clark Wood, 1922