Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dayton and Columbia County - all the photos from the Standard Atlas of Columbia County, 1913. Dayton was named after Jesse N. Day.

Baptist Church


Cahill house

Cahill summer house

Central School

Christian Church

Columbia School

Court House

Gammon farm and barn

Hanger house

Hanger harvest

Lee Harvey, Marengo

Horse show on Main Street

Turner's horses

Hovrud house, Marengo

J H Ingram
Johnson's farm and barn, Turner

John Jones farm

C M Leid
Sterling Literal family

Markham Bros race horses

J M Martin
Sevier McClain

Miller house, Starbuck

Nilsson's salesroom wagons and buggies

Pitman house, Starbuck

Fred Porter's barn

Romaine's Locust Grove Ranch

Strawberry pickers on the Tucanon

Bert Witt's harvest outfit