Friday, December 18, 2015

Bygone Walla Walla Project and its creator awarded special recognition by the City of Walla Walla. Great surprise party, impressive cake....very impressive (but that's no Jedi on it standing next to me)

Photoman by Melody Muffler (left), the old Walla Walla Photoman (right)

Joe Drazan, Mayor Jerry Cummins, and Council member Allen Pomraning. (Excuse the Alaska shirt - it was a surprise party - sweet onions had I known.)

The Project began in 2006 by scanning all the photos in the old & scarce Up-to-the-Times magazine. This Blog began in 2009 as an effective way to organize and present some in a useful and pleasing form. Now it has over 1500 almost daily posts, each like a chapter in a pictorial reference book. These posts include over 10,000 images to browse, and they are all easily retrieved through its Index and Search Box. About 300 individuals have contributed photos to the Project - some a little, some a lot. Over 500,000 page views have been tallied.