Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vice President Lyndon B Johnson flew to Pasco from Walla Walla, met Governor Albert Rosellini, Senator Warren Magnuson , and Senator Frank Church of Idaho for the dedication of Ice Harbor Dam before a large crowd, May 9 1962. File photos courtesy of the Union-Bulletin.

Rosellini, Johnson, Church and Magnuson (in front) on steps of C-54 transport plane in Pasco from Walla Walla

Arriving in Pasco

Walla Walla contingency's bus joins caravan to dam
Walla Walla bus in caravan to Ice Harbor Dam

Wa-Hi band under direction of Russ Larsen also played at this event but no Union-Bulletin photo of it was located.
Rosellini, Magnuson, Johnson, Brenda Bearchum (Miss Indian America), Frank Church

Miss Indian America (Brenda Bearchum of Adams, OR) presents gift blanket to LBJ at the luncheon in the Pasco High School gymnasium before going to the 3pm dedication at the dam.