Thursday, October 20, 2016

Miscellany courtesy of Mary and David Dunkelburg

Braden School students & teacher Zella Richardson, 1962-1963
Berney School

Cook wagon & crew, location unknown

Harold Blackman, WWI bugler

Harry Lasater by his Union Bank with a Lions Club sign, 1930s

Harry Lasater standing next to his car

Harry Lasater (left) & Union Bank staff

John Webb house on Pleasant St near Home Ave, ca1910

Lasater house, 3629 Braden Road, 1930s

Lincoln school class (probably)

Lyons Ferry & Joso Bridge

Sharpstein School class, ca1930

Sharpstein School 2nd grade, 1900

Tierney-Toner Chevrolet dealer, 2nd & Poplar, 1920s