Friday, December 9, 2016

Miscellaneous photos courtesy of Shaun Martin.

Green Park School class at the South entrance, ca1931

Green Park School class at the West entrance, ca1931

St Paul's School
St Mary's Hospital

Eugene Tausick

Ewing Stephens at the Valley Fruit Company

Valley Fruit Co and Tausick and Kauffman Ice & Fuel, 705 W Main, ca1949

Basketball in the Wa-Hi gym

William O. Douglas rides in the 1947 Fair parade past Gardner's store and Rosana Shop

Main Street looking East from 4th. Big snow of 1916. Stencil Bldg cupola on right

Tausick & Kauffman, 1941

Marcus Whitman on his float sponsored by Tausick & Kauffman for the Whitman Centennial parade of 1936