Thursday, May 18, 2017

Schwarz Building at First and Main was built in 1896 and razed in 1976. It functioned as the National Guard Armory before the new Armory was opened on Colville Street in 1921, and it also held the Schwarz Fountain Saloon with pool tables. Schwarz's Saloon and Brewery Depot was at 120-122 West Main just below the St Louis Hotel. Francis Christiano and Doug Saturno contributed to this posting.

Empty Schwarz Building and Clemie's Café await demolition in May 1976 photo by Howard Ludwigs.

U-B photo, July 1976


Soldiers for WWI parade past Augustavo's in the Schwarz Building, ca1916
Adolph Schwarz

Saloon and Brewery Depot at 120 W Main