Monday, June 12, 2017

Miscellaneous photos from the Cornelison family albums courtesy of Margaret Hoglund.

Baker School class, ca1915

Baker School class, ca1915

Bessie Cummins, Berney School 3rd grade teacher, 1953

Purdy Cornelison at his Book Nook sales job, June 1939 

Camp Fire girls ceremony in Pioneer Junior High School (Pi-Hi) gym, 1960

College House bridge at Whitman College, 1940

World War I support from kids at 395 S Park, 1917

Hoffman house at 1003 Boyer, July 1939

Katherine Blynn house, 244 Marcus St, 1939

Pioneer Park (City Park) wedding fountain, ca1915

Pioneer Park, ca 1915

Kids under arbor on mound in Pioneer Park, ca1915

Kooskooskie, May 1938
Kooskooskie, May 1938

Kooskooskie, May 1938

Anita Blucher at Shady Rill Apartments, Mar 1939
Purdy Cornelison & his sisters at Post Office, ca 1928

Sharpstein School "Showboat" minstrel show cast, ca1955

Sharpstein School kids show quilts made in their classrooms, ca1917

Making quilts at Sharpstein School, ca1917

Tourists from Midwest visit Whitman Mission & the Great Grave, 1955