Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Great Walla Walla Valley, 1914. Part 3 of 4.

Barnes, Bentley, Elba Rogers, and Baptist Church

Bixby, Lane Hoon, Witherite, Kinney, and Jou-Jou the horse.

Pearson, Harry Huber, and J M Clark

Peterson, Mat Johnston, and George Price

John Cochran,  Hugh Forsythe, Dr. Spegal, and Dr Wm Hughes

J F Hansen, Cyrille Gagnon - Esther Tessier, Simmons, and Sam Harp

Noordhoff, Phelps, Ruhberg, Dr. Gowen

Tum-a-Lum School, McSherry, John Bade

Chapman, Don Ayers, Wellman

John McFeely, Chas. Schwald, L L Johnson

Gavert Rencken, Peter Herman