Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sports photos from the Scotty Cummins Athletic Supply store archives (part 2 of 2), courtesy of Chris Waggoner (owner).

Scotty at home with Leo Durocher, May 23 1956

Little League team 1964

July 1961

Summer rec in the parks

Touchet football team 1961, Max Seachris coach on right in back

Wa-Hi basketball

Wa-Hi basketball team with Coach Boots Wooten, 1952

Wa-Hi cheerleaders

Wa-Hi cheerleaders

Wa-Hi football team at Jack Huntington's house party, Nov 13 1959

Names for photo above

Basketball officials in the Wa-Hi gym on Park Street (Cummins on rt)

Wa-Hi track relay team

Wa-Hi students on stairs; Oury, McGrew, Guinn

YMCA staff in Applegate swimming pool; Oury on left, Cummins right
Whitman College football team, the Shockers, 1973