Monday, November 5, 2018

Elections in the 1950s and 60s - more photos of Democratic and Republican headquarters, campaigns, parades, candidates and volunteers. File photos courtesy of the Union-Bulletin.

Rosellini campaigns for Governor at 1st and Main, Oct 1956

Democratic HQ, 1956

Senator Warren G Magnuson in parade car, Oct 1960

Election ballots stacked at Court House, 1952

Election night at the Court House, Nov 2 1954

October 1962

October 1962

Poodle dogs at Republican HQ, 1964

Republican HQ office, 1956

Republican HQ office, Nov 4 1956

Republican HQ volunteers on telephones, Oct 1960

Dan Evans and US Rep Catherine May at Republican event at Capitol Theater, Oct 1964

Republican women hold food bazaar at YWCA, May 1964

Senator Warren Magnuson meets local Democrats, 1961
Cliff Yelle (my uncle) poster at Democratic HQ in WW, Nov 4 1956