Saturday, January 11, 2020

Downtown walkabout among old snow piles on February 13, 1973. Photos by Bill Lilley.

Salvation Army Thrift Store next to Denny Building

Davis-Kaser furniture

First Federal Savings & Loan

Seattle First National Bank

Elks Club construction

Gardner's with side door to their Grocery Department

Goodyear store

Marcus Whitman Motor Inn

Montgomery Ward

Park & Shop lot on Rose Street

Schwarz Building on right was the Armory Hall, then a roller skating rink, a dance hall, and other events. It was razed in 1976.

Chances R rear entrance

Newberrys and Sears
Park & Shop lot on Alder behind Book Nook, Liberty Theater, and Bon Marche.

Sherwin William Paints

Walla Walla Federal S&L between Odd Fellows temple and Baker Boyer Bank