Monday, March 27, 2017

Doctor Baker's locomotive and the Rawhide Railroad from Walla Walla to Wallula.

The locomotive as it sat in Pasco at the Railroad Museum in June 2009 (4 color photos by Joe Drazan)

The Mountain Queen (from Up-to-the-Times Magazine, 1914)

Baker's Rawhide Railroad, by Washington State Governor Miles C. Moore, Dec 1918

Dorsey S. Baker

Rawhide Railroad and photo of the first locomotive (WW Bulletin, Dec 15 1915)

Title page, Prefaces, and selected illustrations to George Estes yarn on the Rawhide Railroad.
 (Click this link for Full text of Rawhide Railroad by Estes
Thanks to Mike Boyer for finding the link)

Half full bottle of whiskey used for level

Locomotives "Ladd" and "Blue Mountain"
Hunting dog on platform replaced cowcatcher as being more proficient. Illustrations from Estes booklet.

Tailendum of the Estes yarn

Myth revisited by the Union-Bulletin's roving reporter Nellie Nelson in January 1948

After its service and abandonment in Alaska, the engine is now being restored for exhibit at Fort Walla Walla Museum (photo from WW Union-Bulletin, 3-27-2017)